Unity Envirotech of Illinois is pleased to announce we are changing our name to Centilion

Effective this week, Unity Envirotech of Illinois is pleased to announce we are changing our name to Centilion. Our new name reflects the broader reach and scope of our company within agriculture services for the future while preserving our heritage of quality, and our facility’s long-standing partnership with the local community.

Centilion will continue its strong financial and market position under the same company ownership. Current management will continue to lead and manage the facility and its key customer relationships. The business is growing and maintains a commitment to quality, safety, environmental stewardship, and long-term customer satisfaction.

Under current leadership, Centilion will be introducing new products and services as we grow our business and expand our footprint.

“Centilion is committed to providing best-in-class plant nutrition products to support crop growth and soil health throughout the growing season. Centilion continues to be a steward of the 50-year legacy of quality production from the Henry, IL facility, and remains deeply committed to its customers, partners, employees and local community.” said James Hill, Chief Development Officer of Centilion.

About Centilion

Centilion is a fertilizer production Company based in Henry, IL. The Company produces a variety of granulated fertilizer products directly from raw materials in its ammoniation-granulation facility, to serve the agricultural and industrial sectors. Founded in 2017, Centilion employs over 40 full time employees.