1964 Built by W.R. Grace & Co.

Est. in 1964

The Henry plant was constructed by W.R. Grace & Co in Henry, IL. Built to manufacture granulated NPK fertilizer products, the facility uses the TVA IFDC cross-pipe reactor-granulation system. The plant's heritage and design contribute to the premium quality product produced in Henry, IL, throughout the facility's history.

1994 Agrium
2010 United Suppliers
2017 Unity Envirotech

Owners & Operators

The facility has historically been managed by some of the largest operators in the industry.

2018 Jacobs Engineering Assessment

Repairs, Replacements & Improvements

The company partnered with Jacobs Engineering to design a plan to improve plant efficiency and maximize production volumes.

2019 Negotiating New Offtake Agreements
2019 Completed Plant Optimizations

Commitment to Community

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